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Welcome! This page is being done in blog form, viewable best on a regular computer rather than an Iphone. This page is about goal setting, namely mine. I am planning my retirement from the Cat Fancy and the work force within the next two years.So my goal is to begin the slow roll into finding perfect homes for my retiring Kravchenko Siberian cats. These guys, like myself have worked very hard over the last 21 years to bring forth extremely intelligent, intensely loyal healthy kittens for your enjoyment. Traits like these are the result of the parents genes...these parents...the ones being offered to you on this page........their parents' genes...........and the parents before them..... My point? All Kravchenko Siberian adults being offered here have a great personality because of the selective breeding that I have done since 1994. If you are interested in purchasing a retiring Siberian Adult cat, then read on.

These are my guidelines for the new family interested in obtaining one Kravchenko Siberian Adult:

No big dogs, No small children.

None of my Siberian cats have ever seen dogs or young children. If you have one or the other or both then I suggest that you set your goals for a Kravchenko Siberian KITTEN when they are available.

A single Adult Siberian will not be sold to a home especially where the occupants are going to be away daily for long periods of time, due to employment, school and travel.


My adult Siberians have had a generous amount of feline company. If your home is quiet like a tomb because you are not home much, then that is not a compatible environment for my retiring Siberians. However, if you are in this situation and are willing to consider having two Siberians together, then perhaps yours is an acceptable home for them.

My wonderful Siberians, deserve to retire and live out their remaining life in the lap of luxury, in a pet home with nothing more to worry about than (1) where is the next meal (2) when is the next grooming and petting session (3) and whose bed do I sleep on this evening?

All adults that are sold as pets will be altered before leaving. The price of the cat includes the altering, all vaccinations, a feline Leukemia test, a fecal float test and a Florida State Health Certificate. All this plus a starter kit of their present brand of food and their favorite toys will accompany each Siberian upon their departure from the Kravchenko Pet Nursery!

The release of an adult Siberian takes a little more time because an adult Siberian cat needs more time to recover from the altering surgery. Expect adults to stay at the Kravchenko Pet Nursery around a month after you have made your selection.

Adults will take 30 to 90 days to completely acclimate to your home. The memory of the Kravchenko Pet Nursery will linger on in their minds. Your Kravchenko Siberian will adjust to your home but with a longer acclimation period needed than kittens.

Occasionally, some of the cats may be above the age of 6. Before you exclaim *Yikes* or *Egad* please visit the age chart on this page. Since Siberian cats take up to 5 years to mature, most of the retiring Kravchenko kitties are just reaching their prime.

Cat Years
People Years
6 months
10 years
8 months
13 years
12 months
15 years
2 years
24 years
4 years
32 years
6 years
40 years
8 years
48 years
10 years
56 years
12 years
64 years
13 years
72 years
14 years
75 Years
16 years
80 years
18 years
88 years
20 years
96 years
21 years
100 years

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