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One Blue Mackerel Tabby Male
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One Blue Lynx Female
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>>> Click on this link and fill out the application for a Kravchenko Kitten<<<

Filling out this application and sending a $100 non refundable deposit, this insures you that you will be on the Priority List.
As kittens arrive and reach a certain age you will be offered an opportunity to choose a kitten first via photos. This opportunity will be based on your information on the application. This is where we will get very specific as to your choice of color and sex for a Kravchenko Kitten. Applications will be dated. The sooner you apply, the better chance of you getting your dream kitty from Kravchenko.

Email: Email me
or Call: (386) 761-8737

Kravchenko Siberians
Lynda Nelson
4393 S. Ridgewood Avenue
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Kitten Prices

The Kravchenko Pet Nursery is where you will find exceptional kittens at an affordable price. Here you get a kitten that is healthy with personality plus. No need to ask the Federal government for a *bail-out* to buy a precious Siberian kitten. All our kittens are fully vetted before leaving the Kravchenko Pet nursery. That includes them being altered (spayed/neutered) before leaving, and all the vaccinations are given for the first year of life.

Males $850 / Females $900

Because all of the kittens sold as pets are altered, you - the potential owner, must plan in advance. Please allow sufficient time when you're making your commitment to your furry friend. It takes approximately two to three weeks to complete the transaction, once you have made your initial selection.


Siberian Cats in a Rainbow of Colors
Siberians in a Rainbow of Colors

Due to a new ruling by APHIS, Kravchenko will not longer engage in shipping our kittens. You are welcome to fly here and get your kitty. You can fly here, rent a car and drive to my location. If you don't want to rent a car then I will meet you at the airport. The following delivery fees will apply: Orlando $250, Sanford $200, Daytona Free. Daytona would be your best choice while using Delta airlines. If you decided to do this please remember to make a reservation for your kitten to fly with you.


Pet: A companion animal, best friend, side kick, pal, buddy, family member, Chum, COMRADE.

Breeder: A member of your selective breeding program, can be all of the above too!

Show: Representative of the current written breed standard. Should final in the rings and ultimately win the rosettes. Should be able to attain Champion or Grand Champion status.

She's a Winner
She's A Winner!

Lynda Nelson
Kravchenko Siberians

phone: (386) 761-8737
email: Email meLyndaNelson@Siberiancats.com

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