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"Labor Day Weekend Siberian Kitten Meet and Greet"

Here at Kravchenko Siberians we have reached a milestone. The Kravchenko Breed program began with the importation of four small kittens named Misha, Sasha, Larissa and Odessa way back in May 0f 1994.

Now twenty years later we are celebrating this twofold joyous occasion with a celebration to be held Labor Day Weekend, Saturday August 30 and Sunday August 31 from 1 PM to 4 PM each day.

UPDATE: ALL appointments are filled!
Thanks to everyone who decided to join us this weekend!!

This is your opportunity to meet me, Lynda Nelson, breeding cats for over 25 years, and my current kittens who are the proud descendants of the 33 Russian Siberians cats that were handpicked and hand carried by Eric Gill (the husband unit) between the years of 1994 and 2001. No other Siberian Breeder can boast of accomplishing this feat and no one else can say that they have carefully imported this many Siberian cats from inside Russia.

The basic line up:

  • Special Pricing during this event
  • Siberian Kittens Galore
  • Videos of Siberian days gone by
  • Refreshments
  • Free limited allergy testing
  • Meet Special Ed; World's Oldest Siberian
  • Mekyeva Special Ed of Kravchenko is the oldest living Siberian cat in the world still active in a breed program. He was born February 9, 1996 which makes him just over 18 and 1/2 years old. In human years this makes him 92. He is the grandfather of these kittens that will be available to meet you during the meet and greet. So, if you have been considering a delightful Siberian kitten to become a member of your family that is extremely intelligent, intensely loyal, with a dog like personality, and a healthy Siberian kitten with a history of longevity this is your opportunity to be part of this Celebration.

    The Siberian is Russia's native cat. With that theme in mind we thought we would acquaint you with one of Russia's Long Standing Traditions.

    The Day Of Knowledge is Russia's First Day of School

    The beginning of September is not just about the coming of autumn; for many, it means the start of a new school year. As August comes to a close, Russian schoolchildren return from holidays away at summer camps, dachas or their grandmothers’ homes in the countryside, and families set about preparing for the new academic year.

    On September 1, schools will put on a special celebration to mark the start of the year – teachers and pupils assemble to listen to songs and poetry; congratulatory and inspirational speeches are given by the schools’ head teachers and, sometimes, by members of the local administration.

    Flowers and ribbons are an integral part of the celebrations, as well. Flowers are traditionally given to teachers, and white ribbons are either worn on clothing or fastened into the hair of schoolgirls of all ages. At the end of the ceremony, a girl in the first grade will sit atop the shoulders of a boy in his senior year (aged 17-18). This little girl is then given a bell, which she will ring loudly as she is carried past a crowd of spectators. Ringing this bell officially starts the new school year.

    To See Picture albums from the past Click here

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    or Call: (386) 761-8737

    4393 S. Ridgewood Avenue
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    Kitten Prices

    The Kravchenko Pet Nursery is where you will find exceptional kittens at an affordable price. Here you get a kitten that is healthy with personality plus.
    No need to ask the Federal government for a *bail-out* to buy a precious Siberian kitten. All our kittens are fully vetted before leaving the Kravchenko Pet nursery. That includes them being altered (spayed/neutered) before leaving, and all the vaccinations are given for the first year of life.

    Males $800 / Females $850

    Because all of the kittens sold as pets are altered, you - the potential owner, must plan in advance. Please allow sufficient time when you're making your commitment to your furry friend. It takes approximately two to three weeks to complete the transaction, once you have made your initial selection.


    Siberian Cats in a Rainbow of Colors
    Siberians in a Rainbow of Colors

    Due to a new ruling by APHIS, Kravchenko will not longer engage in shipping our kittens. You are welcome to fly here and get your kitty. You can fly here, rent a car and drive to my location. If you don't want to rent a car then I will meet you at the airport. The following delivery fees will apply: Orlando $250, Sanford $200, Daytona Free. Daytona would be your best choice while using Delta airlines. If you decided to do this please remember to make a reservation for your kitten to fly with you.

    *prices subject to change without notice


    Pet: A companion animal, best friend, side kick, pal, buddy, family member, Chum, COMRADE.

    Breeder: A member of your selective breeding program, can be all of the above too!

    Show: Representative of the current written breed standard. Should final in the rings and ultimately win the rosettes. Should be able to attain Champion or Grand Champion status.

    She's a Winner
    She's A Winner!

    Kravchenko Siberians

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    email: Email meLyndaNelson@Siberiancats.com

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