The Kravchenko Story

I became acquainted with the Siberian Cat in 1993. I imported my first four Siberian Kittens in May of 1994. To Read more about how Kravchenko evolved click here.

When I started there were only a handful of breeders all over the world and very few in the USA. No one, who was becoming a breeder of Siberians at that time, knew anything about the longevity of the Siberian. It was only through a continued breeding program for the last 29 years, that I began to realize that Siberians can live a very long time with proper diet and veterinarian care. I now realize that my Kravchenko Siberians, on average, reach the age of 16. It is not uncommon for Siberians to live to the ripe old age of 20!

I now am beginning a retirement program for my Siberian cats. I want to retire them into good homes to live out their lives in comfort and security. They have worked hard to advance the Siberian in the USA. My wonderful Siberians, deserve to retire and live out their remaining life in the lap of luxury, in a pet home with nothing more to worry about than (1) where is the next meal (2) when is the next grooming and petting session (3) and whose bed do I sleep on this evening?

Adding to that, is the fact that I have been breeding the Siberian Cat for over 29 years. Now that I am getting older, I must learn to respect my limitations. Therefore, to continue my kitten program, these loving adults must be placed into good homes. Upon request I can describe the ultimate home for them.

Cat Years
People Years
6 months
10 years
8 months
13 years
12 months
15 years
2 years
24 years
4 years
32 years
6 years
40 years
8 years
48 years
10 years
56 years
12 years
64 years
13 years
72 years
14 years
75 Years
16 years
80 years
18 years
88 years
20 years
96 years
21 years
100 years

Siberians for Seniors

Many will be above the age of 8 years. Some will be slightly younger .

Before you exclaim *Yikes* or *Egad* please see the chart on the right. Since Siberian cats take up to 5 years to mature, many of the retiring Kravchenko kitties are just reaching their prime.

I am looking for homes that fit the following criteria.

(1) Families that have had two cats and one has passed away. This may be a great opportunity to bring in an age-related cat to live with your existing feline.

(2) Families that are willing to take two. These cats have had the companionship of other cats all their lives and will not do well as a single cat.

If you are typically away from home for hours during each day, this could be an ideal situation when two of my adults go into the same home.
They already know each other and would continue to be great companions to each other as well as being "double the fun" for their new owners.

Currently the price range is $300-$1200. This includes the spay/neuter, all the vaccinations and a Florida State Health Certificate.

Kravchenko Krasnee B-L-E

No Admittance

Kravchenko will not place these adults in the following lifestyles.

(1) No dogs

(2) No small children.

None of my Siberian Cats have ever seen dogs or young children. If you have one or the other or both then I suggest that you set your goals for a Kravchenko Siberian KITTEN when they are available.

(3) A single Adult Siberian will not be placed into a home
My adult Siberians have had a generous amount of feline company. It would be a cultural shock for them not to be living with another cat.

Kravchenko Siberians

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