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As we move into 2024, Prestige Siberian Association is proud to be celebrating its 28th Anniversary! Prestige was founded in 1996 and was named after its sister club, The Prestige Cat Club Of Moscow, Russia. The Prestige Siberian Association (PSA) has been instrumental in the advancement of the Siberian Cat. Members of Prestige have been active in showing the Siberian Cat and competing in the show hall of the various US based registries. Prestige is credited with the advancement of the Siberian Cat for recognition in the Show hall of two major cat registries.

Lynda Nelson at the CFA BOD Presentation

For those humans that simply can't live without a hypoallergenic furry friend and have decided that their choice is a Siberian kitten as a companion animal (a pet) selecting a kitten from a Prestige Siberian Cat Breeder is your best choice because:

    1. All Prestige Siberian Cat Breeders offer a health guarantee on genetic defects for at least one year.

    2. Your kitten is fully vaccinated. Prestige Siberian Cat breeders practice early spay neutering so that when your cuddly Siberian kitten arrives, it is completely ready for the first year of it's life..........All you need to add is LOVE!

    3. All Prestige Members embrace gene diversity as their creed when selectively breeding the cats assuring you that every attempt is made to use cats that are not inbred or line bred. Prestige believes that cats that are too closely related can cause genetic problems later on in the cat's life.

    4. Though not a rescue organization, if you have bought from a Prestige Siberian Cat breeder, and can no longer keep or care for your Siberian cat, ALL members of Prestige will work together to find a proper home for your Siberian cat.

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      Oksana Siberians
      Joanie Laughunn
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      Taiga Siberians
      Eric V. Gill - Importer
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      OnixGloria Siberians
      Tatyana Alekseeva - Liaison
      Moscow Russia
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    Majestic Oaks Siberians

    Please welcome Alex Blount our youngest member of The Prestige Siberian Association.

    This is a picture of me with my then Siberian kitten, Kravchenko Smokey Gegant of Jaban. It is in black and white because the photo was featured in the Daytona Beach News Journal and that is what they chose, black and white instead of color.
    In June 2001, I went to my first show. At that show I was hired as a Ring Steward. A Ring Steward is the person that cleans all of the cages in the show ring. We also remove the numbers from the top of the cages when the judge is finished judging those cats. The Ring Steward works closely with the Judge and the Ring Clerk. In August 2001 at the age of 10, I participated in my first Junior showmanship event. This is an event hosted by CFA. It is an activity that encourages youngsters to become members of the cat fancy. It is a competitive tournament with various stages so that each member can learn.
    In July 2002 I started showing my own American Short hair Alter. This is what I wanted, to have experience in preparing grooming and showing a short haired cat. The preparation is quite a bit different than preparing a long haired cat for the show ring.
    In February 2003, I got a bit more independent and decided to register my own Siberian Cat pet nursery name of AMAZAR in ACFA and CFA. In December 2003, I made the leap to learn the particulars of becoming a Ring Clerk in ACFA. This is the individual that assists the judge in the ring at a higher level than Ring Steward. The Ring Clerk is responsible for marking the book for all the cats that are being judged. Upon completion of the show the book is then turned over to the Master Clerk and then it is sent to the Central Office to be officially recorded.
    In June 2004, I graduated to the stage of being able to independently Ring clerk at an ACFA show. In other words I was on my own to do the job and to do it correctly. I am hoping to be qualified as a Licensed Ring Clerk in the future. Also in 2004 I lent those same talents to TICA.
    In April in 2006 I joined a TICA Siberian Cat breed club. In December of 2006 I had the pleasure of registering my very first litter of Siberian kittens in ACFA.
    In February 2007 I attended an ACFA show where I was assistant Master Clerk. In August 2007, I attended the ACFA Annual Show held in Kissimmee FL.
    In 2008 I decided to set my goals to become an ACFA cat judge. I hope to continue my path in the cat fancy and you can see me at just about every ACFA show in Florida.

    Welcome New Breeders

    Kravchenko Siberians - Home of Best in Show and Best Kitten in Show inside Russia, would like to invite NEW breeders to join the Prestige Siberian Association (PSA). We are the only Siberian Cat club of its kind in the world! New Siberian Cat breeders will have the opportunity to choose from many diverse bloodlines. Some of these bloodlines are exclusive to Prestige. PSA offers Educational Support. Membership includes a comprehensive marketing plan for promoting this breed and a referral service. The Prestige Siberian Association was formed to help new breeders get started or veteran breeders, that up to now are working with another breed. Even though the selling prices for a Prestige Siberian Cat with breeding rights may be slightly higher than the price of other Siberian cats being sold from other people than Prestige, the advantage is that you get something for the money spent, other than "Best Wishes and Good Luck."

    1. The best quality Siberian cats with the most diverse gene pool in the United States. I personally have imported over 30 bloodlines and trips to Russian for the purpose for acquiring additional Siberian Cats, are done on a continued basis.

    2. You are closely mentored for the first three years. You are taught everything that you need to know about feline husbandry as you need to know it!

    3. Birthing videos, that include how to raise orphan kittens, are available for you as a member should you feel that you need that training.

    4. Your first litters of Siberian kittens are advertised on the Kravchenko Siberian web site (the PSA page) and hyper-linked to your web site. You get the referrals of folks in your area if you have Siberian kittens for sale at the time of the interest of the Siberian kitten buyer.

    5. Prestige Siberian Association is ranked high in the Google search for Siberian Cats.

    6. We are small and we share a FAMILY atmosphere within our Siberian Cat club.

    If you are a self-starter that loves cats then perhaps you have what it takes to be a Prestige Siberian Cat Breeder.
    Contact me at PSA today!

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